some experts believe that it is better to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

In the light of globalization, overcoming language barriers is having considerable bearing on a person’s career. As a result, at what age a child should be taught the second language is now a topic of concern. Some reports prefer that the optimal time to start learning new language is at primary school rather than secondary school. In this essay, I will consider the pros and cons of this argument. On the one hand, that kids begin learning a foreign language at such young age is disadvantageous to a certain extent. Firstly, some people claim that during age 5 to 10, children should complete studying every aspects of their mother-tounge to have solid foundation. Therefore, the interfere of a new one may have adverse effects on this learning proccess. Secondly, studying a language is usually demanding, and thus may cause heavy burnden on the kids. Hanoi is a case in point. Parent force their children to not only finish all the tasks in school, but also take extra language classes. Hence, time for playing and discovering the world is taken away from these kids. On the other hand, I am convinced that the drawbacks are eclipsed by the benefits. According to some researchs, a child’s brain strongly developes during primary schook period, he has ability to memorize things quickly, which is extremely important in studying new language. Simultaneously, it is essential to practice pronunciation early before the native way of speaking absorbs too deep. In addition, kids nowaday are exposed to technological devices with numberous foreign contents. That is the reason why with suitable method of teaching, thay may be eager to learn new language to understand more about what they are watching, hearing or playing. In conclusion, although it is true that there are certain downsides with studying new language during primary school, I believe the upsides are far greater.
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