Do you agree that should we start creating more devices to improve our body perception of the world?

Nowadays, an increasing number of technologies in our lives have been raised rapidly. A lot of people believe that technology can help them find them out more about the perception of the world. Although I agree that technology help us in many aspects, but I do believe that we should not create more devices can help people improve our body perception of the world There are various reasons why some devices can help improve disabled people’s lives. Firstly, the deaf can listen to music by VIBEAT. The device is a wearable necklace and bracelet that translate music into vibrations, thus conveying the feeling of music through an alternative sensory system. Or a small electronic device is a cochlear implant that can help people hear. Through these devices, people have a chance to live like normal people, even they have some troubles in life. Secondly, some devices can help us relax and see how interesting your soul and or your brain work. For example, a headset can read our brainwaves. As a result, instead of suffering from weaknesses such as deaf, blind, so on can have an experience like normal people thank to some devices. However, there are some disadvantages of relying on technology. If we imagine that everyone depends on these devices to enhance their body perception, they will not need any help from others. Consequently, It is also the reason of lacking of interaction between people and people. Plus, these tools are expensive to buy or create. We can boost our body perception through meditation, yoga, etc. In addition, these devices can make people tired and affect their health. For instance, if the cochlear doesn’t work or gets infected, which may mean you’ll have to remove and replace the implant. Without these devices, disabled people can also listen, think, speak via their body language. Thus, we do not need to create more tools in regard to our healthy and its price. In conclusion, although it helps people have some experiences about life. But it is not the choice of everyone in term of the price and the risk of losing health, so we do not need to invest a lot of money in creating more devices
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