It is generally accepted that families are not as close as they used to be. Give some reasons why this change has happened and suggest how families could be brought close together. Include any relevant example from your experience.

A family is an important part of the civilization. Since very first day, we are surrounded among a group of people who share with us our good and bad situations. Taking care of each other, support and love are crucial components of every family, and that makes it special as group. However, people believe that some things have changed over past few decades and family does not present to people same emotion and connection as it used to present. Many people are trying to find what are evident reasons why this negative trend is happening. Firstly, modern technologies have caused some negative effects on family. The most of children nowadays have smartphones and they instantly ignore their surrounding, including an interaction with family members. This type of an unconscious ignoring others has shown as crucial reason how technologies can negatively affect on relationships. Secondly, in order to earn more money, parents have to work longer. While dedicating to career, mother of father usually forgets that they should spend more time with children and consider a child as biggest priority. Lastly, work can bring to parents a lot of worries and stress, which can influence on their willingness to interact with children. However, there are some advices how to change this downward trend. In order to solve communication issues with children, parents should show to them that they care about children and spen as much as possible time together. Additionally, work should not be priority for those who want to have a family, ad they should dedicate on spending time with a child. What is more, parents should teach children how important and valuable is to have someone’s support and love such ones from family. In conclusion, family will always be an important aspect of anyone’s life. In my opinion, in order to have a better communication with a child, parents all those negative effects on relationships people should avoid and enjoy in time they spend together.
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