Cycling is more environmentally friendly than other forms of transport. Why is it not popular in many places? And how to increase its popularity?

Despite the environmental benefits of cycling, few people are riding a bicycle for transportation. This essay will examine the main causes for the uncommon use of bicycles and propose possible solutions to this problem. There are several reasons why cycling is not considered a viable means of transportation in numerous places. First of all, using a bike to travel around is time-consuming because the speed of bicycles cannot compare with that of motorcycles and automobiles. For example, if a cyclist hopes to get to work on time in such a congested city like Hanoi, he is likely to lose a considerable amount of time for commuting which can otherwise be spent more productively. Secondly, a large number of road users do not opt for bicycles due to health-related reasons. This is because riding a bicycle requires certain physical exertion that may be too strenuous for some people, especially during severe weather conditions, making them reluctant to cycle on a regular basis. However, feasible measures can be taken to encourage more transport by bicycle. Firstly, bicycle contests with valuable prizes should be conducted annually along with propaganda and campaigns about the positive impacts of bike travelling on the environment, which may raise awareness and help make biking a habit among citizens. Furthermore, the Government should allocate more spending to cycling infrastructure investment. By developing an elaborate network of cycle paths and lanes as well as resting areas for cyclists, riding a bicycle will become significantly more comfortable and convenient, which will gradually result in more journeys being made by bicycle. For instance, Amsterdam succeeds in becoming the bicycle capital of the world thanks to government’s efforts in facilitating cycling through road design. To conclude, while cycling has not gained popularity due to several reasons, appropriate solutions can be implemented to promote the use of this environmentally friendly vehicle.
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