Tourism is encouraged in many countries. Does tourism brings more advantages or disadvantages to a country?

Travelling to various countries has always been a fascination for people to experience and appreciate conventional heritage and culture. Tourism has flourished by leaps and bounds and countries greatly promote and support tourism. I too believe, that encouraging tourism has more benefits than drawbacks. In this essay, we will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of promoting tourism. To embark on, undoubtedly, inviting people from assorted culture, races and geographies enhance the monetory countribution to government which help in development of the country and facilities to the citizens. Moreover, tourist throng to countless historic sites which unveil the potential for trades for small handicraft businesses and have a positive influence on the income source for their living. Furthermore, tourism plays a vital role in building relationship between nations and people. Visiting other countries can lead to an appreciation of the local culture and helps build relationships between people leading to a better mutual understanding and a higher level of tolerance. On the contrary, having more tourists visiting historic and heritage sites can lead to difficulties in maintenance and detoriation of it’s value. It is important that cultural and scenic places are protected for future generations. Manier times tourists demonstrates resentment due to confinement basis local laws. Tourist may not understand all the aspects of the culture they are visiting but they need to understand they are guests and must behave appropriately. According to me, the merits of tourism outnumbered it’s demerits. Tourism plays a significant role in nations growth and inculcate symphony and harmony between nations and release political tensions.
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