In recent years, the family structure and the role of its members are gradually changing. What kinds of changes can occur? Do you think these changes are positive and negative?

The today’s world has now witnessed dramatic transformations in the role of family members. This essay will point out such changes and its impacts on different aspects of life. There are some changes that can be occurred and the most apparent one would be the duty of women. Their role has transformed beyond expectation due to the gender equality. They gain more respect because of their devotions to society and they play an essential role in covering the basic expenditures of their families. Compared to the past, where stay-at-home females were common, they received almost no appreciation and even their contributions were downplayed in some Asian countries. However, the fact that both parents working cause harmfully to the development of children. This is because some of them seem to trap with the races to meet the social norm such as valued properties and social recognition. In order to accommodate such values, they ought to fully devote in an intense schedule, leading to further sacrifices of quality time with their kids for the exchange of their social status. Another change might be the male's responsibility in family. They used to be breadwinners and they had no intension of doing domestic chores, dated back to a nearly century ago. But they are more openminded and tend to support their wives in terms of cooking or household work. That change in their attitudes towards gender equality will relieve the depression of most Asian women. Apart from that, children can mature both physically and spiritually with their parents, which is rarely happened in the past where their fathers had to work intensively to cover their basic needs. In conclusion, the role division is increasingly popular these days and brings about both positives and negatives. From my perspective, I do believe that the drawbacks will be outweighed in the long run.
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