Some governments spend a lot of public money training individuals to be successful in international sporting events. Some people believe that this money should be spent on things that will benefit the general public instead. To what extent do you agree or disagree

Several countries do a lot of expenditure on training sportsmen competing in global sporting competitions. While I do agree that proper training facilities should be provided to athletes, it should impact the monetary allocations for other public projects and should be based on countries available resources. A lot of times small developing nations spend an enormous amount of money for training there athletes just to satisfy the ego of the people in power. Resources are pulled back from essential public schemes in the name of hollow national pride, for example several developing nations send their teams overseas for training and spend a large amount funds on the same. Sometimes this also leads to corruption and government workers take cutbacks for organizing such trips. Furthermore this does not help the general public and does not aid in making their lives easier.These decisions should be based on the nation's economy and funding power and should not be done just because other large nations are doing it. On the other hand this money could have been invested in public schemes like building better roads, schools and hospitals. The general population of the country uses these facilities and investing in them would also help in improving the country's economy.This would also improve the lives of the general public. Resources can also be directed in improving the local sporting infrastructure so that a large number of citizens can leverage it to train better rather than a few individuals. In conclusion I would say that investing huge amount of public funds in training few individuals should be avoided and should never be done at the expense of other public welfare programs.
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