Wealth does not necessarily guarantee happiness. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Some people believe that being rich does not always make one happy. In this essay I will clarify why I totally agree with this viewpoint. Not all affluent people are satisfied with their lives. This is because emotions and feelings are not physical things that can be bought and sold with money. For example, a rich person who suffers from an untreatable condition, such as cancer, would live a miserable life despite having a lot of money. Therefore, in my personal opinion, I believe that being wealthy does not gurarantee us a happy life. Furthermore, some life circumstances can make on dissatisfied with his life in spite of being rich. In addition, being wealthy makes it difficult for people to have a peace of mind. This is owing to the fact that one would pay a big deal of attention to preserve his wealth. For instance, an affluent man, who owns four shops, would devote a lot of focus to his possessions, which in turn would be stressful to his mind. In contrast, a person, who is neither poor nor rich, would not be bothered by possessing wealth. Thus, being affluent, in some cases, can be negative to one's state of mind. To conclude, although being rich can be a positive thing, I agree that wealth does not guarantee happiness.
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