Education for young people is important in many countries. However, the others think government should spend more money for education in adult population who can not read and write. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In the modern world, education is increadibly essential with everyone not only children but also adult. There are an idea that authority should give more budget to help adults who are unable to read or write. In my opinion, i tend to agree with that suggest because it could change many lives. Apparently, people are living in an erratic world where we need to roughly compete with others to have an excellent lives. One of the most important factors that could affects on people is knowledge, education might be the shortest and easiest (way) to gain achievement today. In many cases, a lot of people did not have opportunities to access to educational system when they were young, because of hunger and poverty that push them to work in early lives (ages). Despite many people still do well at thier job, however sometimes they could struggle to communicate with others in many circumstances. Additionally, people could have chances to obtain better living condition because when they can read or write , they might be able to apply in more brilliant job as officer instead of hands working. Furthermore, education could change the awareness of many people, thanks to education that could allow us to think outside of the box. For example, in my region there are have some night (extra) class for those adult who do not have capacity (are unable to) to deal with words . Having said that, the nation's budget have a limit (national budget is limited), hence, politicial leaders should give priority for children or other aspects need to be concerned. In this case, government should take into account about the number of money they spend on helping adult. In conclusion, authorities particularly might release a certain extent amount of budget that is really great to provide everyone opportunities that could help their lives better.
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