Some people think it is necessary to test medicine intended for humans, on animals first. However, others feel that this should not be the way. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

In the past few decades, due to technology there has been a massive advancement in the field of medicine. According to some people medicines, which are meant for human being must be first experimented on animals. While, other group of people are against this option. This essay will talk a both the views and chooses the best option. To embark upon, though there are advance technology for making and analyzing medicines, it can be experimented before implemented humans. This can be dangerous sometime and it can risk someone’s life. So that is why Scientists experiment it on animals before launching them into market for usage. Since an individual person’s life is very precious it harmful to experimented on humans and there is a law regulation on not to experiment medicine on humans. For example, In India around 1979 one of the scientist experimented Polio medicine on 12 people. Unfortunately, all of them died due to some miscalculation of the usage. It was a big failure. From then onward Government of India imposed a law medicines which will be used by humans after it experiment first on animals. However, many social activists and animal lovers are against these experiments. They feel, that the use of different ingredients and various acids which are very harmful and it might cause side-effects to the life span of animals. There are possibilities of spreading these side effects on other animals. For instants, in the state of Bihar in India, Monkeies were experimented for a particular diabetic medicines. It was successful and this medicine are prelevant in the market. but the side effects of this medicines on experimented Monkey was terrible and many were died. To sum up, though I it is important to implement medicine first on animals to save human’s life. But, at the same time Scientists must play a responsible role, in keeping in mind about the tested medicine before implementing.
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