Business & cultural exchange between countries is increasing and this is thought to be a positive development by some. However, others believe that it might lead to loss of identity. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

In the recent times, the level of ease of doing Business and accepting each other tradition between many countries is increasing. According to some people it is a good sign of progress. While, other group of people think it may destroy once uniqueness. This essay will cover both aspects of this development among countries. To embark upon, the economic progress of many countries directly or indirectly depends upon doing business with other countries and also at the same time exchanging cultural values. In IT industry, people work for various developed countries on different projects. Which in turn benefits them while exchanging currency. Indian IT employees work for American projects, in return they earn in dollars. Indirectly it leads to economic growth of the country. As these employees work with different countries they get to know each others cultural values and tradition. For example if Indian employees celebrate Diwali there is a curiosity among western employers or colleagues to know about the tradition. However, uniqueness of a country in terms of tradition, culture and also few specialized industries sector is on stack. Western types of dresses imported to India for doing business . Many Indians are attracted towards western culture dressing which effects the Indian traditional dressing. As we can explain, many western brands like woodland or Reebok doing business in India but Indian tradition is to were leather sandles. It can be concu
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