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The languages have a pivotal role in everyone's life.which is the basis of communication.Studying English at school is more essential than local languages .In my opinion it is important for everyone to learn English.This essay will discuss necessary of both English and mother tongue.
Nowadays it is so regulary for children being in front of theTV, laptops or mobilephones and absolutely this is a very dangerous behaviour that they are used to do it and I strongly agree with this opinion.
It is sometimes argued that everyone should have a gun at home because of security. Some people think it may protect them in dangerous. In my opinion, I totally disagree this idea. Having gun ownership may cause the risk of homicide or suicide. Also, It is dangers to some families which have a child.
Nowadays, most folks spend their leisure time at flat watching live shows such as sports matches and a concert.Because They can access all programmes on the channel and computer screens.I strongly agree with this statement.This essay will discuss agreement in detail,along with a relevant conclusion.
This topic has always been disputable, society's interest in travelling and cuisine choice changes as time fly.However, some people always likes do things in their own comfort zone.
In some countries, fast food restaurants and supermarkets offer Money to the school for the promotion of their product.In my opinion  it is a negative development. This essay discuss negative development in detail along with relevant conclusion.
In the modern era, there has been a long-standing debate about whether international tourism is now more common than ever before some feel that this is a positive trend while others argue this is a negative trend. From my standpoint, both sides have their reason First and foremost, the international tourist side is developing more than ever before it is better for economic growth. It is has many positive trend. For tence, if international visitors are coming to the country,it will advantage of hotels.if they come country we would have created jobs opportunities. while some countries have good system which development thus other countries haven't ideal how to development this is side . Tourism is a good opportunity for any country to increase their dollar reserves. On the other hand, other argue that international tourism is now more common than ever before it i...
I can see that people around the world will understand the differences between them if they know these differences very well, And if you want to understand the best way to live inside these differences,So international tourism gives people the chance to do that, the chance to know the ideas of other humans,And the chance to learn their languages also their cultures,I believe that the hate will go less between the people around the world,you will not someone how has different though, accept the ideas the good way to love someone. I hope people try to understand each other, personally, I'll try to learn about other people's languages and other people's cultures and try to travel a lot around the earth,it will be the best thing I do.In the end, i do not think it's a bad thing at all and i do not think there are people who will disagree with me. The only problem is that people do not know these things, thank you for reading and goodbye.
The results obtained from qualitative analysis of phytochemical compounds among all extracts are shown in Table 3. The total phenolic content (TPC) which experiences a steady increase in both leaves and stem extracts ranges from 0.000221 to 0.000902 mg/g. Meanwhile, the total flavonoid content ranged from 0.000202 to 0.000905 mg/g. In contrast to phenolic compounds, the total flavonoid content (TFC) in leaves and stems shows different responses as the extraction time increases. TFC in the leaf extracts fluctuates over time while a slight drop is observed in the stem extracts. These results are in line with some previous works on the topic, which reported that alteration on phytochemical compound happens throughout the plant organs. A study on phytochemical compound of Momordica charantia (Malik, 2019) revealed that the occurrence of some bioactive compounds differs in each extraction time intervals. Similar results were also found by Fajfri (2021), Permatasari (2020), and Dewi (2022...
In recent years, several indivduals decided to spent their spare time outside the country for tourism and enjoyment of the cold weather in the west countries. However, Other group of people think that staying in their own country is more beneficial for them and for country budget as well. Moreover, in my opinion, the numbers of travellers envolving whom travelling by car and through the plane are dramatically increase compare to the last centruy for many reasons.
The graphic indicates the gender proportion of masters six kinds of British education in 2010. From glan ce it can be seen the fraction of women tutors decreases as the level of education increases with that of male instructors showing the opposite.
It is sometimes argued that young teenagers should join a short-term military training after graduation. People may agree to this idea because of responsbility. In my opinion, I disagree that teenagers should join short-term military after graduation because of human rights and bullying may happen.
Some people suppose that paying attention to saving the environment and culture of tourist places is important. At the same time others guess that the environment is the only one purpose of traveling and they have not think about preservation of places of their visiting.
It is argued, that surtain individuals highly recommend spending on special occations while others not.In this essay ,I will discuss both perspectives to illstruate the logic behind it.
The maps show changes that will take place in the southwest airport after redevelopment next year.
In this modern world, many researchers have conducted many experiments and research on live animals. Despite the positive result, many people think that this action is reckless. Hence, in this essay I will discuss both point of views and present my opinion in this case.
Firstly, There are reason to people buy products when they do not need it, our mind works different that we think. Most consumers are hypnotized by marketing campaigns and the companies spend a lot of money to research and discovered how they can sell more and more based in our wishes. Our mindset is programmed since we has been child to compare material thinks or to be how others person that we have been admired. For example buyers always can the same clothes or jewels like a famous celebrity, furthermore, buy a specific technology such as a mobile phone while a new model have been launched.
Some say that people nowadays only buy products because they are advertised well, and me personally I strongly agree with this for I have seen it happen one too many times even to myself.
way to solve this issue is increasing the price of petrol ,I do not agree with it,because it would make more problems for poor people and the economy.
Nowadays, some of males and females feel unsafe no matter stay at home or at outside which could lead to many reasons such as domestic crime rising rapidily and mental health diseases.
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