“The most important knowledge does not come from books” To which extent do you agree or disagree with the statement? Write an essay about 250 words to discuss your point of view and give your examples to clarify it. Your essay must NOT include your personal information.

There is no denying that books are the primary source of human's knowledge from the prehistory to modern society in present-day world. By contrast, it generally seems to me that not all understandings are well achieved from books but from other means of life. The main objective in this essay is to have an obvious discussion about my perspectives on the issue mentioned. To begin with, what people know when entering life is gained initially from their family. Almost every newly-born babies have a golden opportunity to recieve special care from their family members, not least their parents. In a certain period of time, the first independent steps, first spoken words of these bebies will result from their family nurture. What is more, there is no wonder that family also perform an indispensable role in the child development in teaching them the requisite knowledge about their surroundings such as colour identification, numbers, and the most essential is that they are meticulously taught to become a well-bahaved child towards the society in the next years to come. Second, it is widely accepted that not only books teach us our surroundings, but also our experience. It is said that if books make us knowledgeable of life, experience makes us to become mature in the way we deal with every social predicaments. In reality, experience assists to train ourselves as a more flexible person while books sometimes confuse us, giving us a negative perspective in real life. Take an example into consideration, instead of readings books, it is highly suggested that we should start to do volunteer work in local centres to know more about how the work means in life when we realise that we should pay more attention and give sympathy to the needy in society. On the other hand, it cannot be denied that books still contribute to the essential gaining among people throughout the years. But obviously we are in desperate need to be flexible in the way of gaining knowlegde as is clarified. In summary, I totally agree with the statement that not all vital understandings contain in books, but through some means of life such as family members and practical experience.
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