Nowadays, many people believe that children should be taught history in schools. However, others argue that children should learn subjects that are more helpful for modern everyday life. Discuss Both views and give your opinion.

History ought to teach in schools to pupils, has the perspective of many individuals, these days. Whereas, others oppose this notion and say that subjects like science, technology, and health should be part of school curriculum which has a significant impact on today's lifestyle. The key concepts of both views shall be discussed in the upcoming paragraphs. To embark with, who could think that history has a more valuable aspect for children in schools. Firstly, it offers a storehouse of information to understand how people and societies behave. It means that it is profoundly helping children to learn how the world, nations, and societies are divided and differentiate from each other on the basis of culture and rituals. In addition to this, it considerably provides the staircase to assemble many time events from past to present, which encouraged younger's to understand it's basics more efficiently. The typewriter, for example, one of the first technological gadget invented in 19s, makes people life convenient, nowadays, in form of the motherboard in new Technical gadgets (laptop/computers/mobile phone ). Thus, it is an irrefutable fact that teaching history in schools beneficial for children. On the other hand, some people believe children should study subjects that are relevant to day-to-day life. The predominant reason for this belief is that science and technology are part and parcel of today's life which are important subjects to succeed in this modern era. If toddlers did not study these subjects, they would not think to stand in this fast pace world. As a result, they might adhere to an unrealistic world. Moreover, studying health in schools might aware children about the consequences of poor health. what it means that health science as a part of the curriculum has many benefits in order to decrease absenteeism, to improve school results and fewer health issues when pupils would aware of its outcomes from the beginning. Since health science has become part of the curriculum in many government institutes of India, the number of absenteeism has been reduced by 20%, for instance. Therefore, these subjects are more helpful to pupils. In conclusion, there are many conflicts among people to choose the subjects for school syllabus. A few individuals are in favor of other helpful subjects which may help children to have a stand-in life with good health. As far as I am concerned history should be taught in schools to understand the roots of culture, rituals, and societies.
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