Most of the urgent problems can only be solved with international cooperation. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

It is true that some people believe that cross-national cooperation is the only measure that can be tackled the majority of the emergent issues. While I accept that this may suit many people, I believe that not all of acute problems can be coped with international organizations. On the one hand, it is widely agreed that many issues have reached a global level and only through the cooperation of a wide range of countries can be addressed. Firstly, global warming is an increasing concern for human around the world. For example, the famous Kyoto Protocol is the result of international cooperation, which has been implemented for many years in an attempt to reduce the emission of greenhouse gas. Secondly, our world is facing to lots of terrorism, there are many murders and bombing which need worldwide support and assistance. For instance, multi-national cooperation need to tackled terrorist acts from the Islamic State (IS), which has taken the lives of many innocent people in the world. On the other hand, most of alarming problems can solely be coped with the local authorities. First, education, health and poverty can only be solved by their own governments. In particular, the global support’s aid is temporary, therefore the governments have to implement the good policies to develop their countries, give poor people chance to improve their standard of living. Furthermore, corruption is the urgent issues that can only be deal with the independent development and reform of individual countries. The international organization has no authority to inquiry a country’s government, which can only be prevented by the local residents and officials. In conclusion, while cross-national organization is an effective way in dealing with many of acute problems, it seems to me that there are also a large number of urgent issues that require the domestic resolution and action instead of a global support.
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