The young today spend a large amount of their leisure time in shopping centres. It is feared that this trend can bring negative influences on the youths and the society. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?

Our youth these days spend a lot of their lesiure time in the shopping centers. Some in the society are afraid that this under utilization of our youth's leisure time has a negative influence on them and in result is detrimental to our society. I partially agree with this view because of my view that everything in excess acts as a poison, and therefore a balance must be reached. These centres are not only avenues for shopping but they are also a center for entertainment. Therfore young people these days have a huge pull towards spending there time here with the freinds and families. But the effect is that young people today have forgotten the value of money, and in an spree to catch up with the latest trends advertised, they spend huge amount of money on products that they dont require. Sustainability is not the goal today, but shopping for pleasure is and it will have very negative effects on the economy and environment. For example items like mobile phones are being frequently replaced whenever a newer model comes out, but whether they need a newer phone or not is not their concern. These has resulted in an massive e-waste problem. young people today are also neglecting other activities such as reading,painting and sports to spend more and more time in other entertainment activities at the shopping centres like watching frequent movies or playing arcade with freinds. This is affecting the personality development of our young people today, and they are being led away from focusing on building skills and focusing on their education that will affect them in the future. What is not required is an blanket ban on young people spending time at the shopping centre but an awareness campaign among them to focus on better utilising their time elsewhere and ocassionally engage with shopping center activities. Shopping centres are affecting the ability of our youth to beomce skillfull and leading them to overspending. A balance is required between spending time at the shopping center and other leisurely activities.
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