Ownership of mobile phones has risen dramatically in the recent years despite the potentially harmful effects they may have on our health and society. Governments should introduce measures to restrict ownership of mobile phones to those who need them for their work. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Even though cell phones have detrimental effects on our community and physical fitness, its purchase has significantly increased in the past few years. Some people opine that authorities should not permit everyone to own this electrical device except for work purposes. I, however, disagree with this statement as mobile phones are useful for reasons other than work as well. Foremostly, it reduces the communication barrier built between people who reside far away from each other, especially family members. Phone calls are made to loved ones living miles away without any sort of difficulty; however, if ownership is limited, many individuals will not be able to interact with people who live abroad or even in the same country. Moreover, a mobile is the most convenient gadget for the use of internet which is required by a vast number of people everyday, whether for work purposes or leisure. Although internet can be accessed through other devices as well, people believe mobiles are more efficient as they can be carried around due to their size. Furthermore, a cell phone is an all-in-one device as it contains many everyday use applications, for instance games and camera. Therefore, people do not have to carry video game devices or DSLR’s with them, and thus they save themselves extra cash. To sum up, a single small gadget makes life much easier for people even if they are not working, and it also helps them save money. However, in its absence, individuals will not gain the benefit of being connected around the globe at all times.
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