Education is not a luxury, but a basic human right and as such should be free for everyone irrespective of personal wealth. Do you agree or disagree?

Education should be provided free of cost to every citizen regardless of their financial status, as it is a necessary right, not a luxury. I completely accord to this statement, as I believe everyone deserves to attend basic schooling. Foremostly, all citizens of a country are equal and thus, they deserve equal rights and oppurtunities. It is ethically wrong to deny a person the basic human right of education only because he can not afford it. When all the people are considered as equals, there will be more harmony amongst them and less hostility. Secondly, every human is blessed with different talents, so many potent people can come forth if given the chance. Moreover, once proper education is provided, people can enhance their skills and prove to be beneficial to the entire nation, for example, a good artist or scientist can always glorify the image of a country. Additionally, the provision of education to everyone can lower the chances of unemployment and starvation. If almost everyone has availed basic education, they will be able to get better jobs and earn a living through it. Furthermore, this generation of income can boost the economy and can lower crime rate; for instance, people will not feel the need to steal, cheat or commit fraud in order to earn money. As education also teaches moral values, better leaders will be made which can govern the country one day. To sum up, I believe everyone should be given a fair chance at gaining knowledge, for the prosperity of the country and well-being of its people.
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