Some people thịn that it is better for children to study hard when they are young while others belive that it is better for children to have more time to play. Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

In this day and age, education is a vital key that improves the standard of living and the quality of life for humans. Therefore, it is commonly thuoght that children had better study hard from the time when they are young. Nonetheless, there are also some people who argue that young individuals should spend much more time playing than studying. In this essay, i will look at both sides of the argument and give my honest opinion. It is obviously seen that children will get benefit from studying hard when they are young. Most people agree that acquiring knowledge early tends to assist children broaden their minds and maximize their potentials. Taking learning to play musical instrument as a helpful example, various children who learn how to play the guitar have a tendency ti be more creative than ones who do not. Another imperative keypoint which supports the argument is that young people will supposedly not stuck in social evils. When studying hard, children are likely to focus on getting high score to satisfy their parent 's expectation as well as make them fell proud. Therefore, they try their best to study as they arre expected. As a result, they do not have time to participate in social evils. Besides, many people hold the view that learners should spend more time to playing instead of studying hard. It is because that children are actually eager to follow academic programs as much as possible. When they are young, children need time not only to relax but also explore the world. Additionally, a variety of children cannot bear the pressure and have a tendency to stuck in numerous mental problems when they try hard to learn. There is no doubt that young learners will lack time to relax if they make great efforts to learn. Therefore, they will get a diversity of mental issues such as stress, autistism or even suicide. To sum up, despite the fact that children had better make an effort to study, various people hold the view that young learners need time to play or join in entertaining activities. As far as i am concerned, children need time to explore and develop their abilities. Moreover, young people need to participate in social works rahter than focusing on theory. However, their parents should support their children to help them maximize their potentials.
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