Some teachers think that international student exchange would be beneficial for all teenage school students. Do you think its advantages will outweigh the disadvantages?

Thanks to the development of globalization, young generations now have opportunities to interact with foreign peers. While it is true that this activity brings many merits for teenagers in terms of self-improvement, I believe that it could impact to the economy growth of a nation. To begin with, there are several major benefits when adolescents study abroad. First of all, since learners have a chance to interact with foreigner, they would gain more experiences from different cultures. Therefore, could improve their personal skills such as communication and broaden their knowledge. In addition, this international exchange project could also be beneficial for students on the future. To be more specific, well-paid jobs often require employees who have a diverse profile with a wide network of activities. Turning to the alternative side, the downside of this organization overshadows its advantages for two primary reasons. The main short coming stem from the high expenditure on transportation which could lead to a budget deficit for a nation. Consequently, it could negatively effect on other essential sectors such as medical or household. Another reason would be the environmental problems. Since the travelling stage of this program require a great deal of transportation, corresponding for an enormous amount of exhausted carbon dioxide. This could cause many kinds of pollution, especially atmospheric pollution. As a result, young generation may have to suffer from this problem which would ruin their physical health and lead to various diseases. To recapitulate, it is undeniable that the international students exchange program is extremely beneficial for teenagers in terms of personal-development. However, I strongly believe that this program could harm the environment as well as human’s well-being and the governments should also concern about other sectors.
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