Stress related illnesses are becominh increasingly common. What do you think are the causes? what solutions can you suggest?

People are increasingly suffering from sickness as a result of stress. This essay will discuss the main causes of It, which are job pressure and lack of physical activities. It will also suggest some solutions, which are choosing less demanding jobs and including some physical or recreational activities in daily life. Nowadays the jobs have become very stressful and hectic because of the competitiveness in the market. There are always tight deadlines and long job hours moreover, because of such demanding work assignments people are left with no time to engage in any form of physical activity. For example, a person working for 8 to 10 hours a day feels so exhausted after work that would crash into bed or retire back home rather than going to jog, yoga session or any social engagement. Such long work hours and no unwinding activity will eventually lead to stress. To reduce the stress which can cause mental and physical health issues we need to modify our living style and adopt a more work life balance approach that includes some physical and relaxing activities. For example, people should switch to jobs which are less demanding and give flexibility in working hours. Making more money and leading a life with diseases is worse than opting for less ambitious jobs and spending some time for pleasure and relaxation. To conclude, I would say stress is becoming very common in our society. This essay has discussed that it is the result of job pressures and lack of recreational activities and essay suggested that these problems can be solved by leading a balanced life moreover, opting for less stressed jobs and including some physical activities in our daily routine.
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