Some people believe that nowadays we have too many choices

These days, couple of people hold the view that there are too many options for people in the modern era. I agree with this opinion and think that the modern person is obliged to stand towards a lot of different choices in his life. Firstly, it happens because of fact that there is plenty of versatile jobs and career options in the future. It is well known trend, that the quantity of new professions is increasing over time, especially with the development of technologies and opening of new spheres of employment such as genetic engineering, online medicine and artificial intelligence. So, our generation is forced to choose one area among these thousands of different spheres of employment to not to become dissapointed with the wrong choice in the future. For instance, I am suffering from the choice of specialization in university, because universities offer a lot of different interesting specialization and I can not cope with distinguishing one from them. Secondly, there are a lot of different social flows in the modern world. Amount of different social flows and sub-cultures significantly increased in the last 20 years and some people need to choose one of them in order to be able to communicate and interact with the society. These people believe that they need to apply to one or two particular social groups to be able to communicate with someone and avoid loneliness, and I can not disagree with them because it is a common tendency in the new era and it really depends of person's personality and mind. For example, teenagers without any friends around them, may have a difficulties with choosing a community to join in order to make some new friends. To conclude, nowadays we have too many choices in different spheres of our life, for instance, in choosing a job or making new friends. And in cause of that, I believe that modern people really have to many choices ahead of them.
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