Fatherhood is equally as important as motherhood. What is your opinion?

Being a parent is one of the most challenging and interesting roles in our lives. The mother's or father's influence and actions affetc on children's behaviour and attitude. Nowadays, because of their obligations and responsibilites, people discuss whether the role of the father is same as the mother's role. On the one hand, being a parent is an amazing experience that brings a lot of responsibilities and requires the time and effort. Additionally, to be a good parent, it depends what kind of a person someone is, not what their sex is. Both men and women can take a great care of a baby and be supportive through years of childhood. Furthermore, if the father is emotionally connected with a child and spends a lot of his time with the child, he can contribute to the child's life equally as the mother. On the other hand, the mother s one who brought a child on the planet, and they mostly have better relationship with children. Moreover, while fathers usually spend more time at work, mothers takoe a care of a baby and spend more time with it. As a result, their effort and commitment to the baby is greater and the role also becomes more important than the father's role. Usually, women are more emotional and take a better care of others than men, hence it is normal that people consider motherhood more crucial than fatherhood. In conclusion, the statement has advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, as long as the father loves a child and takes a care of children, he is equally important as the mother.
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