Write a letter to the restaurant, applying for the job. In your letter: • explain what you are currently doing • describe your suitability for this area of work • say when you can attend an interview

Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to you in response to the post on your Instagram account which is about the vacancy of cashier in your
. I have been studying accountancy at the University of Finance for almost three years and I
have some qualities,
as communicating skills with clients, counting in my head quickly and other mental activities. I feel that I am the most suitable candidate for a reputable
like yours as I am a driven and ambitious person who is keen to learn new skills and experience. As seen from my major, I am good at maths and economics.
That is
why I consider myself to be an asset to your
. I would be ready to discuss the schedule and the system of working with you in person at any time should you wish to arrange a meeting. I promise that I will contribute to your own business by controlling and balancing the expenses of the
if I am selected for
position. I really appreciate your time and consideration for
application and look forward to hearing from you a positive response at your earliest convenience. Yours sincerely, David Bradley
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task achievement
Ensure you fully address all parts of the task. While you have mentioned your current status and suitability, you need to expand on your availability for an interview more specifically.
coherence cohesion
Improve the logical organization of your ideas by creating clearer connections between them and possibly using more cohesive devices.
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