The education you receive from your family is more important than the education you receive from school. To what extent do you agree with this statement and why?

People said that children are educated by family is more necessary than school. Some of them have a lot of different opinions. I think both school and family take responsible for rising their children, but it is useful for the kids to be taught by their family. I completely agree with this statement. Firstly, most of children live with their parents since they was born. Therefore, they will easily share emotions with parents and they will have many instructions from parents. Moreover, it is important for them to overcome difficult problems. Parents can make the kid are more comfortable due to they always make a word from their heart and a large number of them are people who inspire for their kids. Conversely, education environment just is a place which can help students about their life and society. There are a wide range of parents do not dare to punish them when they have mistake and do not correct. School will strengthen the knowledge in a new prospective instead of parents. However, there are many students in a school for teacher to look after all of them so education at school just fast-track problem-solving skill and analysing for them. As a result, most of student are still young to aware of their attitudes. In conclusion, members of family are people who can influence in a child development. I think parents should spend more time to educate their childrens because parents' education is more important than school.
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