Some people say that zoos should be banned for being cruel towards the animals while others say they should be continued for protecting rare animals. Discuss both your views and give your opinion.

While some believe that zoos must be prohibited for treating animals insensitively, however, others favour to retain them for wild life conservation .I personally believe that rare animals Intro can only be saved from extinction when kept in zoos away from effects of unfavourable conditions. On the one hand, proponents of cruelty free practices towards wild life believe that keeping forest creatures in congested areas is harsh. For example, Elephants cannot survive comfortably in small enclosures .Zoos may not perfectly replicate natural conditions suitable for animal wellbeing such as adequate space for their free movement. Hence, these animals would not have suitable circumstances similar to their habitat. Resultantly, many rare species could die sooner than their natural life-span, in artificial habitats On the other hand, zoo supporters insist on utility of wild life sanctuaries for conservation. They argue that a zoo serves as a shelter for shielding animals such as polar bears , from bitter and abruptly changing climatic conditions. In addition, deforestation as a legacy of increasing human population leads to disappearing natural habitats for wild animals . In this connection, carefully planned conservation programs would provide suitable environment, temperature, food, and health care which may enable animals to live healthy and grow in numbers. Australian Zoological research journal recently reported that giant pandas are increasing in numbers after successful intervention of human-controlled breeding for their reproduction. Therefore, conserving animals in zoos in one of the best ways to save species from extinction. In conclusion, although some people think that zoos should be forbidden, I , nevertheless, believe that they are worthwhile to save endangered species from extinction. Thus, zoo authorities should carefully regulate the procedures for animal care, so that wild life sanctuaries can truly serve the purpose of animal protection.
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