Some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of society. Others, however, believe that school is the place to learn this.

Many consider that the lesson of becoming a good social being ought to be tought by the parents, whereas, rest of the people think that socialization can be best learnt in the primary educational institutions. Parents are the most dear and near ones to a child from whom they get their basic concept of a society but in a limited arena while any educational academy teaches its students, their responsibility towards society in a more proper and organized way. In one hand, family is the first institution for children where they starts their social activities though in a very limited way. Parents as well as family members is a very small group to deal with. This small group is naturally not only friendly but also supportive. As a result children in a family only learn to cope up with a familiar environment and accomplish their social responsibilities in a limited and friendly horizon. Thus, their proper socialization is a not fully flourished in a family atmosphere. For instance, many youngers are found panicked and traumatized when they are brought to a new place outside the family mostly because of limited socializing sense. On the other hand, majority of the preschools nowadays teach the pupils how to collaborate with each other easily in tremendous ways like team work, group competitions etc. In a sporting way, they come across the sense of responsibility to others and their duties to make their society a better place. These things are taught and practised by the especially trained instructors. As a consequence students get accurate and vast knowledge of socialization in a more extended way. Moreover, they have the chance to meet and cope up with friends from different environments which enhance their adjusting power certainly. It plays a vital role for becoming better social being. In conclusion I must emphasize on the schools for learning the specialization in a more dynamic way rather than depending only on the family members.
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