Some people think that the increasing number of cars is the biggest problem facing cities. Other people believe that there are even more bigger problems Discuss both views and give your opinion

The growing and expansion of cities while favorable, poses certain challenges. Some activists believe that the rising number of motorized viechles is the biggest challenges facing cities , others believe that unemployment is more critical. Both camps will be analyzed before a reasoned conclusion is drawn. It’s clearly evident that the rising car numbers depletes natural resources and induces health risks. For example , ever since 1974, there was a yearly doubling of car estimates in new delhi and to match the surge in that market rubber trees and steel mines known to be abundant in new delhi were depleted .moreover , the increasing incidence of asthma put a toll on government funds . therefore the claim that rising car number is the biggest issue facing cities is supported On the other hand, unemployment directly and through it’s repercussions presents a headache to people in power .this is because jobless people are more inclined to enroll in criminal activity to secure living . in addition, the ramifications of unemployment might tear the fabric of society as a family with unemployment is more likely to have higher divorce rates , alcoholism , juvenile crimes and domestic abuse. Therefore , it will be impossible for such society to dig their way out of poverty , prosper and build wealth. Hence , the notion that unemployment is the chief concern is supported . In conclusion , after analyzing these two opposing points of views, I believe than unemployment is the main concern. It’s hoped that government officials will towards addressing it.
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