some people believe that children are given too much free time. They feel that this time should be used to do more school work. How do you think children should spend the free time.

It is sometimes thought that children should spend more time at school and less spar time at their disposal. This they believe can help children lear more which will benefit them at the longrun. In my opinion , I believe that free time should be use to acquire new skills or engage in sporting activities that could benefit them and the society rather than on school work. Firstly, school work are important and should be done within the school hours. Free time can be used for other activities that could help increase the children's productivity such as, learning a new skills. Through this, children are able to learn something different that can be of value to them and perhaps the society in the longrun. For instance a survey in the entertainment industry revealed that, 90% of musicians today learnt the act of singing during their childhood. this skills turned out to be their career in the end. Another activities to consider during spar time is engaging in sports. By so doing, children are able to have fun and bond with their peers. This helps to build their inter-personal relationship skills and also improve their health. For example, children involved in sporting activities are less prone to obesity and are able also influence the way the parents live. Parents can encourage their children by keeping fit and staying healthy. In conclusion, freetime should be used for productive activities that enhance the lives of children rather than just school work. children should be encourage to take up activities at spar time that are beneficial to them and the society at large.
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