Some people believe that children should be given lessons on how to manage money in the school. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Certain individuals opine that the art of handling finances should be an imperative course of study and ought to provide in schools from early childhood to every individual. I solely agree with this notion since it will help children not only to learn the value of money but also how to wade through the financial documentation efficiently as a grown up. As remarked by author Asa Brown, children are like sponges – they absorb every verbal and non-verbal interaction to which they are exposed. Therefore, the nascent schooling period is the ideal time to inculcate the strong principles in them which they will carry with them for rest of their lives. Looking at the global economic disparity, this period is a good opportunity to expose a child to the concepts and value of money. These learnings will help them to understand, respect the hard work of their parents and prevent them from u spending money frivolously. Secondly, it will lead them to respect and give equal importance to other children and people of limited financial background. Apart from this, these lessons will benefit an individual when they have to face the financial documentation of tax filing, banking and basic accounting and even during entrepreneurship in the long run. Secondly, it will help them to maintain a balance between earnings and expenditure so that the month end bottomline always has a positive trend to cater through old age. From example: Planning for pension fund or buying a house will secure their financial independence for the future life after the age of sixty years. In a nutshell, it can be concluded that the lessons of money management inculcated in individuals during their school curriculum will prove to be instrumental from building a good moral during their childhood to boost their self-confidence in professional arena ending with a bout of self-confidence and security during their period of silver hair.
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