Many people like to wear fashionable attire .Why do you think this is the case? Is it a good thing or bad thing?

It is a irrefutable fact that more and more people are gravitating towards donning fashionable attire. This penchant to follow the latest trends in fashion can be ascribed to two principal factors namely, to conform to norms of social class as well as to create an impression on others. In my opinion, this is a negative development, if unchecked can lead to financial crisis and psychological disorders. Firstly, the desire to wear clothes which are in vogue stems from tendency to conform to norms of social class. In other words, Through out the history, if person needs to identified from which socio-economic backgrounds, it can be determined by external appearance For example, rich businessmen can be often be seen in posh designer suits whereas a ordinary middle class worker often wears a mass produced apparel. Secondly, clothes are used as a means to impress people. To illustrate, people spend a major portion of their saving to look attractive as external appearance is the first thing which is noticed by others in a face to face meeting and people are often judged based on what they wear so they it is imperative to have stylish clothing for making a long lasting impression. It is important to have good external appearance, however, the notion of blindly following fashion can often have deluge of ramification such as cash crunch and mental depression. The desire to be part of current trend fuels the mania of spending exorbitant money on the latest fashion garments that effectively making one run out of money. For example, There is a community in Africa called the Dandies, who are known to spend all their earning on expensive clothes and accessories. As there no saving left it inevitably leads to bankruptcy . Additionally, This practice can consequence into Mental disorders. In other words, owing to competition about who is more fashionable causes unhealthy competition among contemporaries and will produce emotional distress that finally culminates into depression. In conclusion, undoubtedly there are reasons for being fashionable, that is to associate with a social class and to make an impression on someone. If this remains unabated, I am convinced then it could detrimental for not only the individual but also the entire society.
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