News stories on TV and in newspapers are very often accompanied by pictures. Some people say that these pictures are more effective than words. What is your opinion about this? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Pictures have always been a powerful medium of expression just as a pen. It is not uncommon to see pictures accompanying news stories on television and in newspapers. It is often debatable if images are comparatively more effective than words. However, in my opinion, pictures are undoubtedly more effective than texts. This essay will show the reasons for my perspective. To embark upon, images are an effective way of expression as they tend to capture a viewer's attention. This is because pictures are believed to destroy monotonicity of texts in various forms of media. Moreover, they add spice to the dull texts which aids in retaining the viewer's interest. As per a recent survey conducted by Harvard university, 65 percent of newspaper readers read only the articles which are accompanied by images and skip the ones containing only texts. In addition, pictures are effective over words because they have a characteristic to save time and effort of the reader or viewer. This is because when spectators look at any picture, they form a quick view of its subject in their subconscious minds. By simply looking at a picture, the viewer gets an idea of the subject matter without the need to go through the entire article in newspaper or wait for the news reporter to tell the whole news. For instance, while seeing a picture of a fire brigade in front of a restaurant with fumes in a newspaper, it does not take more than a few nano seconds to claim that the restaurant was on fire. Hence, images become more effective in terms of time saving. To conclude, pictures are indeed more effective than words due to the fact that they acquire the viewers interest and also save their time and effort.
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