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In the contemporary world, it is very common to see a lot of pictures in daily newspapers along with news. A part of society believes that it is beneficial, while critics say these are not effective. This discussion has
News, broadcasted on either television or newspaper, is a combination of sound and pictures. People believe that animations, videos, and pictures are crucial as they help in comprehending headlines easily while others op
News stories and newspapers go along with pictures. According to some people, pictures are more effective than words. In my perspective, graphics remain in mind for a longer period of time as compared to words or sayings
Mainstream media increasingly reports stories through visuals. Many people consider graphics as a convenient way of reporting rather than words. In my perspective, illustrations are much more effective than any other for
Nowadays, There are a technology world's, many T.V programs and ewspapers show the photograpy in their chanels and papers some magazines and article print some pictures to their papres. This type of photos and artical is
There is a morden area, some stories and T.V advartaisment and newspapers shows some bad pictures or some good photos. In this world, some children watched and Reading newspapers daily photos and watched T.V. In this es
There is a morden world and many youngsters and children created their reals and aplod that stories in thier phone and their chenales. Nowa days ,many people to take a new phone for their children and children's created
It is argued that pictures are far more influential than spoken or written words, especially, pictures on news stories on media or printed news. I completely agree with this opinion as I believe that images can be recogn
News stories on TV and in papers are usually followed by attached pictures. Some individuals believe pictures have a stronger effect than words. And I agree with this argument.
IN The fact picture has more powerful Nowadys espically withe progress technology ,for that reason there are many people can effected with this newes and believe it , I strongly agree this opinion and i will give mor
New stories, whether on TV or in newspapers, are often provided with pictures. It is believed that, in terms of efficiency, images are superior to words. I strongly agree with this statement, and the reasons will be outl
In this era, media persons or journalists play an essential role in writing magazine or showing advertisements on television this helps human beings to understand quickly and easily. I agree with this statement and I wil
Nowadays pictures play a crucial role in people's lives, therefore they can be used in various ways in terms of media. Some people believe that images can demonstrate everything, while others suggest that nothing is loud
In the modern world, the photo in the newspaper,or the photo on television are very affected by many people and some think that image is more interesting than words. So, I will discuss this statement from my point of v
It is well said that “ Pictures speak louder than words”. In recent times, to dictate any news or story on the TV and in the newspaper, editors are using the pictorial mode of demonstration. Some people think that it is
It is undeniable that many information sources that are used to present news nowadays either on television or in newspapers mostly consist of many pictures and those have more affected consumers’ interest than words. I p
Nowadays, some TV shows and some stories in newspapers have been shown by pictures. Some people believe that these pictures have more effects than just words. Personally, I agree with the statement and I will explain my
Nowadays, there are several methods to transfer information, for instance, visual images or diagrams are frequently appear in the morning news. Several experts say that images are better than words. Personally, I agree w
Nowadays, mass media like TV and newspapers are using new graphics to convey their messages to the public. Few people believe that using images in the news plays a vital role while others are opposed to it. However, I th
Nowadays, pictures are frequently used in newspapers and news stories. Although some people have the view that images are more effective and useful, I believe that terms can cooperate with pictures to promote the effecti
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