Describe some of the problems over-reliance on cars can cause and suggest a possible solution.

People have become too dependent on automobiles. This has led to dilemmas such as traffic congestion, as well as, increased co2 emissions. This essay will further explore these problems and reccomend possible ways to overcome them. Over dependence on vehicles has lead to an increase in the carbon footprint. It is well known that car co2 emissions are the number one contributors to global warming worldwide. Therefore, the temperature of the earth is rising at nearly twice the rate it was 50 years ago. To illustrate, a newspaper article of the union of concerned scientists of America states that; one fifth of all carbon emissions are caused by cars. Hence, their usage is a major aspect of the greenhouse effect. Secondly, with the rise in individuals relying on them, their popularity has skyrocketed. Furthermore, this has led to extreme traffic congestion in towns. Moreover, the traffic has made commuting around the city much more difficult, as well as, contributed to a lot of accidents. One effective approach to deal with this concrundum is to provide ‘ no vehicle zones’ in cities. These are designated areas in their center's that would be inaccessible by cars. This way,t he congestion issue can be relieved. A good example of how this was proven effective was in the world cup 2014 in London, through the eradication of car zones, traffic decreased by 50% and there was more walking space. In addition to this, another solution is that laws can be passed to restrict the amount of petrol people can purchase per day. Thus, limiting their usage of their automobiles and obligating them to only use them when they absolutely need to. In conclusion humans have become accustomed to depending on their cars for most of their daily acitivities which has resulted in an increased greenhouse effect and a rise in traffic. This can be overcome by restricting their automobile usage through legistlations.
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