If we want to save the future of the planet, we will have to drastically change our way of life

These days, every time you turn on the television or flick through the pages of a newspaper, you will witness there is a significant increase in the amount of environmental issue which is posing a serious threat to the earth. It is believed that human partly responsible for these problems. Nonetheless, we also can preserve the planet if we know how to change our lifestyle in most effective measures. I completely agree with this idea and in this essay I will support my view with examples. Firstly, the environment of planet has been devastated seriously. It may originate in result of small harm activities such as using plastic bags or releasing CO2 which mainly cause global warming. In fact, many people do not care about the greenhouse effect, they believe that nothing will happen if they turn air conditioner which releasing a large amount of CO2. We can use electric fan rather than using air conditioner, choose recycle products. Personally, I think we should raise public awareness in order to protect the earth from waste. Another reason why I support this opinion is that we can use renewable energy from solar, wind or water power so as to limit emissions from factories and individuals. Green resource will decrease the air pollution from fossil energy such as petroleum, coal and natural gas. In addition, green trees can absorb kinds of air pollution. So, government should encourage people plant more trees to reduce air pollution. To sum up, although there is no doubt that our environment may reflect our behavior, we need to raise public awareness, take place of the fossil energy and grow more trees. I believe small activities could be implemented to save the [email protected] mailnaycuachi
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