Some people think that school uniforms are unnecessary and should be banned. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The argument of whether or not wearing a school uniform is mandatory is often debated. While some hold the opinion that this old school thinking should be stopped, i agree to some extent that it should not be obligatory. Many believe school attire is important because it provides a sense of identity. By wearing it, students proudly represent their school, as the school logo is presented through their clothings color scheme. In addition to this, they also think that the uniform ensures the safety of the student. For example, in 2015, Khartoum Times reported a story of a primary school girl who was lost on a school trip to the local zoo, she was further identified by nearby locals because they recognized her shirt logo and safely returned her to her family. Undoubtedly, the common educational institutions suit has its perks. However, forcing children to dress a certain way inhibits self expression. Which is a key aspect of childhood that later shapes personalities and views. This is because people express themselves through their appearence from a young age. Pressuring fresh minds into dressing like soldiers can create a robotic sort of approach to life, possibly making them unhappy in the future. For instance, a 2019 Psychology study on freedom of speech and expression assessed and compared individuals that were forced to wear a uniform as kids and those that were allowed to dress how they like. The results found that those who had freedom of choice were much more confident in their decisions. Although they were only young at the time, giving kids the option greatly impacted their characters. In conclusion, despite the many arguments put forth about children being forced to wear a school uniform, i believe individuality prevails over school identity and children should be free to express themselves.
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