Many doctors are concerned about the high use of computer games by children and young people. What mental and physical problems may arise from excessive use of these games? How could these problems be reduced?

Most of the children and young people nowadays are often put a lot of efforts in playing computer games. Many doctors worry about the consequences that this phenomenon will bring out. This essay will discuss about some of the mental and physical problems that cause by the high use of these games and some solutions to avoid the problems. One of the principle mental problem that might cause by excessive use of computer games is developing odd behaviour. Hallucination is one of the possible odd behavior that may be developed. To illustrate, ones might hallucinate the circumstances in the games he or she played and do some things that normal people cannot understand. Furthermore, computer games can also makes someone to suffer from physical problems. Some of the player will imitate the action of the characters and have a high possibility to put themselves into a risky situation. Consequently, the mortality rate will increase. To avoid these kinds of problems, there are some of the solution must be carried out. Firstly, government and school can collaborate together to provide some healthy events for young generation. For instance, to conduct a talk about the negative impacts on computer games and help them to know the consequences. Other than that, parents are having the responsibility to educate their children and do not always neglect them. For example, during vacation, parents can bring their children to travel which can prevent the children to put a lot of time on playing computer games. In the conclusion, playing computer games can lead to many serious problems such as developing psychology disorder. Everyone should pay attention on this problem to prevent the problems.
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