Children find it difficult to concentrate or pay attention to their study in school. What are the reasons? How can we solve this problem?

It is true that many children have trouble paying attention in class at some point in their academic study. There are several reasons for this problem, but this situation should be addressed by teachers and governments. There are two main reasons why many young learners cannot focus on study in school. One reason is that the young child’s concentration problem may be a motivation problem. If what is being taught in class is not challenging or interesting enough, children will consider what they learn in class is practical can lose interest in the material and stop paying attention together. Furthermore, the appearance of high-tech gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, … plays a significant role in distracting students from studying. For example, digital devices have so many videogames, which are frequently updated puzzle, missions, and give rewards to keep children playing. As a result, many youngsters become addicted to those electronic devices, which prevent them from full acknowledgment the teachers’ instruction. Fortunately, several measures could be taken to prevent this problem. Firstly, the improvement in teaching is a necessity. Most children can concentrate on activities that are fun and intrinsically enjoyable. Teachers need to arrange classroom activities and choose teaching materials based on what learners are in favor of, for instance, using characters in cartoons in the class targeting young learners. Secondly, the intervention of governments can also make a difference. For example, in Britain, secondary schools are introducing strict bans on using smartphones in class; hence, students will not be disturbed unworthily while they are attending the class. In conclusion, it is clear that there are various reasons why students find it hard to focus at school, and appropriate steps need to be taken to tackle this problem, not only by teachers but also by the governments.
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