The tendency of human beings to copy one other is shown in the popularity of some fashion clothes and consumer goods. To what extent do you agree?

Since the dawn of time people have been inclined towards replicating eachother in their habits and preferences. This can be seen by how the masses opt to wear similar types of clothing and purchase the same kinds of goods. I agree that this is true to some extent. Mankind is a race of unity. For this reason people feel the need to be in sync with each other in order to fit in. This is because they want to belong to something and have a greater sense of identity. Therefore, mirroring the style of others is a common way of how individuals feel united, especially if it is for a certain cause. For example, in the late 1980's when the freedom movement began in NYC, everyone was wearing jeans. This trend became famous, and these denim trousers were seen as a symbol of participating in the common cause of; freedom. Ever since, men and women worldwide style these pants regardless of how they clash with their cultures simply because they are desired. However, homosapiens do not simply mimic each other for the sake of imitation. This is examplified by consumer goods. Some buyable objects are absolute necessities , such as, food and phones. Consequently, men and women will make purchase them, regardless of how desired they are. Even though certain brands are more sought after than others, they will still be consumed. In addition to this, this can be applied to fashionable clothing items as well. Although brands have a much higher demand, there are some staple clothes that are the basis of clothing that will never stop being bought. Undeniably, not all purchases are made on the basis of mimicry. In conclusion, while humans become one when they are similar in their habits and life choices, their unifcation can be seen in other ways, like the way they think or their lifestyle choices. Consumerable goods and attire may sometimes prove this to be true, but it is not always the case.
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