Most governments think that economic progress is the most important goal. Some people, however, think that other types of progress are equally important for a country. Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, in a rapidly growing era of modernization, monetary advancement is becoming increasingly significant. This essay discusses that financial progress alone is not sufficient and unless there is equal progress in other fields as well, the structure of society would crumble at even minor quakes. It states that though all other areas require finances to work and develop, it would only work if there is parallel progress in moral values that sustain the society and in literacy. It's commonly believed by many people that economic advancement should be the target of countries as economical stability would automatically translate into improvement in other fields. With enough money, not only would a nation be able to bear the expenses of commodities, trade and administration but would also be able to invest in education, health, tourism and technology which would in turn draw more money. For example, Pakistan's lack of funds has resulted in the inability to build Diamer Bhasha dam and as a result people are facing load shedding which has hindered business and economy. Opponents of this view say that other kinds of progress are also important including maintenance of justice and eradication of corruption. They believe that economy would be tarnished in hands of corrupt officials like Aurangzeb's inappropriate attitude led to the fall of the mighty Mughal Empire. Similarly, education is crucial as polished individuals would lead to technological, agricultural, administrative and business's progress. For example, remittances from educated nationals of a country or a hospital built by a flourishing doctor would definitely have any impact on the betterment of a nation. I am of the opinion that economic progress alone should never be the goal and true progress is only possible if it is a part of well integrated network in which the society demonstrates progress in all areas. In conclusion, economic advancement not alone but interlinked with strokes of advancement in education and moral values is what is needed to complete the ideal painting of an ever-growing and thriving nation.
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