Some people say it is important to keep your home and workplace tidy, with everything organized and in the correct place. What is your opinion about this?

Living in homes and working on sites with everything in a proper order makes our life much easier and comfortable. I agree with the above statement and I will express my opinion in the forthcoming paragraphs. With the increased stuff related to workplace and of daily use, our daily routine life has become more hectic and busy, therefore requiring our more attention and care to look after them. Having everything at an appropriate place can save our time. For example, if there are shortcuts of daily used gadgets on our computer or laptop screen, you do not need to open multiple folders to access them. Furthermore, if anyone wants to check their emails, computer should be at a proper place where sitting on a chair and approaching to the mouse and keyboard is more easy. Moreover, our living places must be tidy in order to get a good impression of people who visit our houses. First of all, there must be a plate of your name outside your residence so that people do not have to search your house if they visit you first time. Secondly, system related to plumbing and electricity should be free of any safety hazards and these equipment must be inspected after some intervals of time in order to ensure the safety of family and friends. To conclude, in my opinion a number of stuff in our life has increased the need for everything to be arranged in a well manner way and up to order so that we do not have to give our input to a large extent.
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