Some people say that what children watch influences their behaviour. Others believe the amount of time they spend on television influences their behaviour most. Discuss both view and give your opinion.

It is evident that television has a significant effect on children. While it is hard to determine whether the length of time spent on TV programs or its content has more marked impacts on preschoolers, I concur that both sides influence the behaviors of the youth equally. On the one hand, watching television for a long period of time would exert a host of detrimental effects on children. Firstly, the longer youngsters view TV programs, the higher the chances they would get addicted to it. As they solely seek entertainment from television, it is inevitable that those young watchers/audience would neglect their participant participation in outdoor activities, which makes them prone to sedentary-related diseases such as obesity, muscle degeneration, and high blood pressure, . excessive attention on paid to TV shows would also impair their communication skills. Specifically, by spending too much overmuch time behind in front of the screen, the juvenile would be discouraged from real-life interaction with family members and the outside world, depriving them themselves of opportunities to socialize. This, hence, would hinder their social development and profoundly affect their adulthood in the long run. On the other hand, the consequence of children watching inappropriate materials would be also deleterious. Since they could not distinguish between the right and the wrong, counter-educational programs which broadcast violence and pornography as well as negative modelings such as smoking, alcohol abuse, and swearing, could easily make children fall under the impression that those things are trendy. More seriously, they could end up imitating those inappropriate behaviors and adopting an unhealthy lifestyle. As an illustration, children who are exposed to violent shows and games at the early age not only often exhibit aggressive emotion and behaviors but also have a high potential of committing crimes, which poses a threat on the well-being of society. In conclusion, I am inclined to the school of thought that both the content viewed by children and the time they allocate for television would have implications on their conducts. When it comes to monitoring children‘s television viewing habits, it is imperative to provide timely parental guidance coped with stringent governmental regulations.
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