Do you agree that the advantages cars bring outweigh the disadvantages?

Although it is sometimes people said that car advantages is outweight than negative impacts. In my view , i will sit on the fence of this statement. There are several excuse for this statement. First of all , with the presence of the cars it just not for travelling which can not give us the luck , but the car was also help people succes in certain business. Be more specific, for the society who have a business in transportation sector. Taking a rent car for example , in this era , of course not at all society having a car for travelling to somewhere and of course the rent car was being the second alternative to travelling. As a result , many inhabitants will come to the rent car for rent some vehicles there , automatically the income will increase everyday. On the other hands , having a car was also has the negative sides. Moreover , in this era , pollutions is not surprised for society anymore. According to the data in one of the websites , one of the factor that made the air became bad is the vehicles, especially for the four-wheels vehicles such a cars. Taking the Jakarta for example , the number of the cars was not controlled. Finally , the air condition is extremly dangerous for the citizens who breathing there. In conclusion , I trully believe that having two sides that is the positive impact and the negative effect to every single perspection in our life. [15:45, 9/4/2019] Ielts Septi: Nowadays many people have a car because there are some benefits of it and I totally agree with this statement, such as : a person who has a car is able to save money and earn money from it albeit it will increase the number of congestion in a country. In this era, car is crussial thing which many people have it since it can aid them for saving money. For instance: in my country, If a family has arounf 3-5 members and they want to go somewhere, they will use a car because it more economical than use public transportation or motorcycle. Moreover, this vehicle can make people to earn money by renting it, or doing transportation online like grab or gojek which seems loke new job is available for common people. On the other hand, the drawback if every family has a car, it will rise the percentage of traffic jam because the road will not sufficient to accommodate all of cars. For example: in Jakarta, a lot of families have a car. Furthermore, the way still in same size and it is not enough to for all vehicles. As a result, Jakarta is rank 12 in the world as city of congestion. Despite car will make congestion grow up in a country, I believe that car can lead more advantages such as citizen can deposit due to car more economical to use for many passengers and they are able to earn some money because it will a job for people who is using it for rent or online transportation.
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