These days, mobile phones and the internet are very important to the ways in which people relate to one another socially. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Nowadays, cell phones and online chatting are crucial for many people to interact with each other. In my opinion, although there are some drawbacks, benefits such as communicating faster and reaching larger areas are more important. To begin with, using mobile phones and the internet to talk with people is quicker. Many people have the opportunity to talk to others at any time without making arrangements in advance, therefore, saving more time for themselves. For example, in the past, people travelled for long hours to meet with their families to tell about news, however, now, they can call them immediately after receiving the information. What is more, these technological innovations help people to reach and meet with people from different countries easily. The internet was a global breakthrough and millions of people all around the world are using it every day, thus with the chance of online-chatting websites, they can meet interesting people from different cultures and backgrounds, and widen their knowledge. If there was not an invention of the internet, it could be challenging for many people to experience the cultural features of other nations. On the other hand, the use of mobile phones and the internet can result in two major problems. Firstly, they can be very addictive to some people, and cause them to spend most of their time texting, rather than going out and meeting with their friends in person. This can bring up several conflicts between friends and particularly, in romantic relationships by avoiding to spend time with them face to face. Secondly, it can be dangerous to meet with people online. Some people use fake identities and try to abuse or hurt innocent people, who are often the young, by asking personal information and photos, which they can use them later as blackmail. For instance, my friend met someone in one of the dating apps and had talked with him for two months until when she noticed that he was married and had kids. To conclude, from my point of view, despite using cell phones and the internet in order to socialise with people can result in confrontation between people, and danger, it is rare and the advantages are outweighing them.
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