3. Why do you think teachers give homework to students? How important is it for students to have homework? Perhaps homework should be abolished

In some developing countries, homework plays an irreplaceable role in students’ mundane life, while this method of education is meaningless in other developed countries. From my own perspective, homework brings about underlying merits as given with the suitable amount otherwise counter effects on learners. When it comes to the bright side of assignment, both teachers and students could deprive benefits of this type of action. The plain truth is that the inherent purposes of offering homework is to reinforce and revise the imparted lessons on class. For example, students could apply all of their mathematic formulas which are shown by their lecturers into the related assignment at home, leading to mastering and memorizing these math-based formulas. On top of that, course works or case studies would be served as a stimulus to learners’ self-scrutinizing process. As a thrust of many experts’ arguments, the more homework they do research by themselves, the more stimulation brain functions achieve. In comparison with these advantages, conspicuously, the overloading practice of given homework could exert profoundly adverse impacts on those attending to schools. Inferred from the fact that, the massive quantity of assignment might put the upward pressure on brains of these teenage groups. Subsequently, this heavy pressure would be able to impinge various problems in terms of mental and psychological conditions. A large body of elementary students in Vietnam, in recent reports, suffer from not only the self-talking issues but also being isolated from the society due to the burden of homework on their back. Henceforth, teachers should be in awareness of offering homework. As aforementioned explanations, both schools and governments should take control of the number of assignments given to learners, which avoids the potential menace for their young residents.\
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