Eating a balanced diet is the most important factor for a healthy life or there are other ways to achieve it. To what extent do you agree

The modern people are in pursuit of healthy lifestyle; therefore, they carry out a set of trials to find the best solutions, ranging from being on diet to taking sports. From my own perspective, the most effective method is the cooperation of both mentioned factors. When it comes to decreasing the hazardous elements consumed through meals, having a balanced diet of the utmost importance. The plain truth is that the nutrition-balanced meals would eliminate the accumulation of hazardous factors which exert adverse impacts on human’s health. For example, thanks to the implicit and explicit schedule of meals every day, people would be able to avoid consuming the types of food which is rich in fat and cholesterol, especially fast food. However, the balanced diet might also guarantee the sufficient provision of fundamental nutrition, such as protein or vitamin. Henceforth, this activity not only halts the cholesterol-related problems but also ensure the normal circulation in human’s body. In comparison with the benefits deprived of eating balanced diet, conspicuously, people should also take up regularly sports to gain active lifestyle. Inferred from the fact that carrying out daily sporting exercise could be likely to foster the caloric burning process, which prevents the obesity. As a thrust of many experts’ arguments, playing football in one hour could put 500 calories into disappearance. On top of that, while executing the movements or essential skilled, such as hitting or chasing the ball in football, human might have to utilize all of their muscular functions leading to the enhancement and flexibility of muscle and the whole body. Therefore, people could improve their sustainable physical conditions. As aforementioned explanations, I would acquiesce with the idea that human achieve healthy life by eating balanced diet and playing sports.
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