Cohabitation is believed to bring huge advantages for young people since it enables them to fully understand each other before deciding to get married. Do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Lifestyle has been changing a lot since the modern day. Many people are choosing to live as a real married couple before they get married. There is a belief that this trend gives couples plenty of benefits, especially fully understand between each other. In my opinion, I agree with that statement. I believe that fully understanding has an important role in building the relationship. In fact, a number of divorced couples are growing up dramatically nowadays. Cohabitation is one of the new lifestyles that developed by the youth to prevent it happens. In this lifestyle, a couple will live together as a real family. They will share the housework or even start to plan their family’s finances. Therefore, some arguments which never happened before will occur now. Based on that kind of conversations, the couple will be able to decide whether they were finding the right partner for their life, which is helping them to avoid divorce in the future. However, there are still many people disagree cohabitation, especially Asian people. Because of the Asian culture, people think that a woman should not live together with a man before they planning a wedding. In addition, they also think that women have to get married as soon as possible. It is very important for the female to have a real family before they reach the age of thirty in Asia. Cohabitation still a hot topic and being against in many countries in Asia such as Vietnam and China. In conclusion, I think cohabitation is one of the modern lifestyles that people should adopt it because it can prevent couples from divorce in the future. Divorcing is a big problem in the present. It will cause a big effect on children’s development. Love does not need to be ended up with a marriage relationship. I believe couples still have a happy life without having registration of marriage, but with the fully understand between each other.
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