Some people think that it is beneficial to young children if sent to Nursery School before starting Primary School. Other people think that Young Children should spend time with Family than going to Nursery School. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

People hold different views for sending toddlers to play schools prior to joining primary schools. While young ones can be better looked after by family members in their formative years, Joining kindergartens, in my opinion, will be more beneficial as they teach young children basic skills, such as alphabets and counting and adhering to proper time tables. Some people believe children should not be sent to nursery schools as the care received from parents is incomparable. Children are more likely to eat healthy food and play with their siblings, if they remain at homes under the guidance of their family members. As a result, they will develop a sense of attachment with their parents and siblings. By eating healthy food, for instance, young ones could stay away from health problems, such as undernourishment. Therefore, few people consider keeping toddlers at homes advantageous instead of sending them to playschools. Sending preschool children to kindergartens, however, can be more fruitful instead of keeping them at homes only. One of the prime benefits could be learning of basic skills such as writing and identifying alphabets and numerals. Such activities may help children to develop their understanding which would, further, aid them in primary and secondary schools. Another advantage of attending playschools is to develop a habit of following proper schedule for eating and playing. Consequently, students learn to complete their tasks in stipulated time that might help them in their day to day activities. In conclusion, although young children receive better care while staying with their family members, in my view, learning elementary skills and following proper time tables by attending kindergartens, is far more advantageous as it will assist young ones in their future.
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