Nowadays most green energy is becoming ever more prevalent in both developed and developing countries. Some argue they greatly reduce costs and are better for the environment, others believe they are a serious threat to energy security. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

In the modern era, the significance of green energy is increasing across the globe than ever before. Many people take this statement beneficial in lowering expenditures that are spent on conventional energy resources and tackling climate change, whereas there are some people which consider this approach as hostile towards energy security. I, personally believe that increasing reliance on the renewable energy is the most practical approach for every nation. On the one hand, there are many drawbacks linked with increased dependency on green energy and decreased investments on conventional means of energy resources. Firstly, many states may suffer a huge economic blow as they have invested heavy amounts in keeping their reserves for crude oil and natural gas as most of the industrial units require crude oil to operate. Secondly, the clean energy projects require extensive research and funding to become a practical option. For example, the Tesla company is building electric-cars to compete with conventional fossil-fuel cars, but the project still needs huge funding to be mass produced. Thus, the increase reliance on the green energy cannot fulfill the requirements of industrial units of many states and these projects require extensive research and huge funding as well On the other hand, the renewable energy offers many advantages for the global village. Firstly, the green energy projects will significantly reduce carbon emissions rates. To illustrate, the solar power energy generation will create cheap electricity and it will help in lowering pollution generated from coal power plants. Secondly, green energy will provide infinite energy and it will have an overall lower cost, in contrast to futile efforts to discover new finite resources like crude oil and natural gas reserves. In addition, the environment will benefit as renewable energy lessens the effects of climate change. Hence, green energy is the ultimate way to tackle climate change and depleting finite resources. To conclude, there are some disadvantages of taking green energy projects globally like lack of operating system for new energy, insufficient funding and research, yet the benefits include protecting the environment and generating infinite energy reserves. Despite some drawbacks, in my opinion increase dependence on the green energy is the only way to tackle increasing climate change rate as well as lowering expenditures on the new discoveries of finite resources.
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