Some people believe that allowing children to make their own choices on everyday matters (such as food , clothes and entertainment)is likely to result in a society of individuals who think about their own wishes . other people believe that it is important for children to make decisions about matters that affect them Discuss both views and give your own opinion?

Much heated arguments have been made against and for allowing children to make everyday choices . Some people believe this approach will yield individualism in the society while others think that younglings should be given authority in matters that affect them . I , for one , support the latter belief owing to the facts that children learn the burden of responsibility for their actions from an early age . More importantly , this approach will incorporate importance of exercising freedom to get maximum advantage with respect to their choices in the minds of new blood . However , giving free hand without some guidance can be deterrent for the children’s upbringing .In addition there is a great chance new bloods will become selfish . The parents and elders guide children to make them better part of the society . The younglings when allowed a free hand in personal matters would only see short term benefit . This practice in the long run can have a very negative effect on the minds of new blood . Children when given absolute freedom in spending their pocket money can result in losing their money on trivial things and the risk of having run out of money before the ending of month would be a certainty. Furthermore , the younglings can become selfish without proper guidance . These traits can become part of their character and ultimately yield a crop of new blood failing to make any positive change in the community . Therefore , guidance in personal choices can play a positive role in the upbringing of children for themselves as well as the community . On the other hand , children need to learn the burden of responsibility from an early age because the choices they will make during their life will have a direct impact on their personal life as well as on the community .To make better pillars of society ,freedom must be given to execute choices regarding personal matters so that the consequences of their choices provide feedback to them even if some of these choices turn out to be bad . This will provide practical learning experience to younglings . Furthermore , the ability to exercise freedom in choices to attain benefits has a very significant impact on the minds of younglings . This trait is learnt only by practice from an early age . It is futile to buy expensive clothes in early December when it is an established sale season starting near end of the month worldwide because of Christmas . The smart thing is to wait a little for the sales to get the utmost benefit from the choice . Children will only learn to make such in depth choices when they entrusted to start from an early age . To sum up , children should be given decision making power in matters that affect them and I categorically agree with this narrative because this will make them responsible and help them in making smart choices . However , the guidance from well-wishers seems to play a positive role in the upbringing of kids
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